The Return of the Pajama Eaters – MINION STYLE!

About a week ago I was contacted by a mom who wanted to know if I could make some Pajama Eaters for her three boys, but she wanted them to look like Minions. I absolutely love to take Sew Fearless’ pattern and tweak it into different characters. It is so much fun! I jumped at the chance and we began discussing specifics. She wanted the Minions to match each of her kiddo’s rooms, and she wanted their named embroidered on the feet.



I decided to leave out the mouth and teeth, and added some length to both the head and body pieces, so the zipper could be at the junction between the head and body of the Minion. That way, I could make the head one color and the clothing another. Since the corduroy I use has a little stretch to it I added some stay tape to the edges where the zipper was placed. I modified the back piece as well to match up so it looked like a head and body as well. I also rounded the corners of the head so it would be more Minion shaped.

Then the fun began! She wanted one on the Minions to have one eye and the other two to have two eyes. I asked her if she wanted goggles as well and she squeed at the idea. Since the zipper was no longer the mouth, I also needed to add  mouth on the face.


I used white and black felt for all of the face details, and at the last minute decided they needed hair as well. I cut some fun little spikes out of felt and stitched it into the top seam.


I embroidered each of the boy’s names on the bottom of the feet in the same color as the face. Instead of using a print fabric for the feet, like on most of my Eaters, I opted for solid black corduroy so the names would really pop and it looked more like the boots the Minions wear.

All in all, they turned out adorable! Don’t you agree?

You really can’t go wrong with Sew Fearless’ pattern. If you want to make your own, you can buy her pattern on her website here. If you are not saavy at the sewing machine, you can always contact me through my Etsy shop (see side bar for clickable link) and I can make it for you.


They make great Christmas gifts. 🙂

Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “The Return of the Pajama Eaters – MINION STYLE!

  1. Very, very cute! I know a couple cuties who would like have one of these little companions! If I get started soon, I should be able to put a couple of these together.

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