Bringing the Gospel and PAJAMA EATERS to Greenfield and the Garifuna

It is almost July again.

Almost time for my sister, niece, and her fellow missionaries to pack their bags and head back to Roatan, Honduras, to minister to and to teach English at the Greenfield Children’s Home.

For my new readers, and as a refresher for my long term blogging pals, I’ll recap just a tad. My sister is my hero. I can’t write about her without my eyes tearing up with pride and joy. You will not meet a more loving,  giving, selfless person.

To read the first half of this story, please take a moment to read this old blog post and the short follow up.

I’ll wait.

All caught up? OK 🙂

When my sister saw the Pajama Eater I made for my nephew and my two kiddos this past Christmas, she asked me if I would be willing to make Pajama Eaters for the children at the Greenfield Children’s Home for her next mission trip. I immediately said yes, of course :-). I didn’t have enough time last year to make something for all of the children, and was truly broken-hearted that I couldn’t make something for the boys as well. The Pajama Eaters would be something they could all enjoy and I had plenty of time to make them.

The children at the home have very little and come from homes where they were abused and/or neglected. They are safe now, receiving an education and love, but they still are not very trusting. And, they have few personal belongings or privacy. The Pajama Eaters will be sort of a locker for them, a special place to put the few precious personal items they do have and cherish.

There are 19 children currently living there – 10 boys and 9 girls, so I decided to make 23 Pajama Eaters – 12 “boy ones” and 11 “girl ones,” so each child get to choose which one will be theirs and there will be a few extra to gift to any new children as they arrive at the home. They all have the same tags on them that I put in the skirts last year that say “made for you with love” in Spanish.
ImageSO, without further ado, meet the Honduran Pajama Eaters!


Red with Monster Trucks, Red with Ladybugs, Red with Ninjas


Orange with Jungle, Orange with Dinobande, Orange with Teal Chevrons


Yellow with Superman, Yellow with Dinosaurs, Yellow with Race Cars, Yellow with Hello Kitty, Light Blue with Pear Tree, Light Blue with Construction Vehicles


Amethyst with Pink and Purple Flowers, Dark Purple with Butterflies, Amethyst with Tea Party, Hot Pink with On a Tuesday, Hot Pink with Little Brown Forest


Dark Blue with Trains, Dark Blue with Airplanes


Light Pink with Black and White Damask, Green with Dinosaurs, Light Pink with Pink Chevrons, Green with Sports Balls

You’ll have to pardon the quality of some of the photos. Time does have a way of slipping by and I needed to send the Pajama Eaters to her this week so they can decide how to pack everything and weigh all the luggage. They will be packing the eaters with school supplies to even out the weight :-). I am sure I will have lots of photos to share of the children in Honduras after he returns. In the meantime, please everyone, take a moment and sent positive thoughts to these precious children. Every life is sacred, and these children are the future.


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