Kitschycoo Mini Penny Pinafore Rocks My World!

SO, I have kind of turned into a Kitschycoo Groupie and I maaaaay have a slight crush on Amanda (sorrynotsorry), but really, how can you not when she constantly releases to die for patterns???

I own quite a few of her patterns and I adore them, They are amazingly simple to construct, but have such personality! And KNIT! Glorious KNIT!!

One of my more recent acquisitions is the Mini Penny Pinafore. I have the adult version of the pattern as well, along with some yummy navy and kelly green merino jersey to make one for myself (It was going to be my Blue February make –oops!).

I’ve just recently made 4, yes 4, versions of this dress and I will be making a truckload more of them. I’ve started selling them in my shop (Thanks again, Amanda!) and they are flying off the proverbial shelves like proverbial hot cakes!

I have had to sit on my hands to not make versions of all of these in my size. I still may. Can I just make one of them in my size? Pretty please?? Can an almost 40 year old woman wear a Snow White dress (say YES!!!!)?

Who’s ready for the Mini Penny Pinafore Parade?


Long sleeve version using Lillestoff Brown Forest with Little Forest

This is a blatant rip off my Amanda’s version, but, hey, who am I to argue with cute and OMG CUTE! Imitation and flattery and all 🙂 And I know that Katie just made a short sleeve version of this too 🙂


Check out my sweet tags! I got them from Ananemone. I’ve bought from them several times now and they are great! They were even able to modify my logo to read “handmade by” on my latest set and they matched the font and color perfectly! I am working on a new website for my biz. For any of you out there wondering how much work it takes to build a website I am here to tell you boatloads! That is why I have been a little quiet over here.

I also got some tags with different sizes on them since I started making premades for the shop. And the best part, the tags are ORGANIC and the ink is ECO-FRIENDLY. That’s my kind of tag 🙂


I’ve also jumped on the colored stretch nylon serger thread bandwagon. This stuff is soooo soft and I love coordinating the thread colors inside the garment. Anyone else as big a freak as me about wanting the insides to be just as pretty as the outsides? Anyone? The thread is a little pricey, but I figured those big ole cones would last a long time and they are worth the splurge. When I was at the local sewing shop choosing thread colors I was having a hard time. I couldn’t decide, so I left the shop with 8 or 9 different cones! The lady at the register thought I was a little nuts. They cater mostly to quilters there, so someone buying 8 cones of stretch serger thread was a little peculiar.


Short Sleeve Version in Lillestoff Appletree and Fuchsia.

I swooned when I saw this Appletree fabric. The colors are so saturated and gorgoeus. I really want to frame a square of it. If I end up with a large enough scrap I may (no wasting of the Lillestoff Fabric, right Heather?)

The fuchsia I used here is actually one of Lillestoff’s new double-sided solids.


Rose/Fuchsia Double Sided Lillestoff Jersey

If you think single ply Lillestoff is fantastic, then this stuff is pure gold! It is plush and luxurious and the easiest knit fabric I have ever cut or sewn. It comes in a few color combos. If you get a chance to pick some up, do it! You can thank me later.


They also have Aqua/Turquoise and Turquoise/Lime

If you can’t find any and are dying for some, I do have the Rose/Fuchsia and the Turquoise/Lime in quantities that I could be persuaded to part with some of it for my sewcialist buddies.


Short Sleeve Version using Lillestoff Happy Girls and Blue Stripes.

Don’t these fabrics looks awesome together! When I saw them I KNEW I had to make this dress! This dress makes me soooooooooo HAPPY!

AND, somehow I managed to unintentionally stripe match at the side seams – BOO-YAH!

The final version I stitched up is using Lillestoff Snow White with the coordinating Snow White Apples for the sleeves, and colorblocking the the whole thing with red.

2014-03-30 13.13.19

I made 5 of these to stock my booth in various sizes. I am the newest member of the local Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair and I want at least a few premades in the booth that people can buy. It meets on Saturdays from May until late Fall when everyone want to stay indoors. I don’t know how many Saturdays I will participating in yet, but I am super stoked!

Have you made a Mini penny Pinafore? What about a Penny Pinafore? Leave me a comment and a link, I would love to see more of these lovelies!

Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Kitschycoo Mini Penny Pinafore Rocks My World!

  1. They are all super cute. I think my favorite is the snow white dress. I’m so happy to hear how well your Etsy store has taken off! I hope the farmer’s market goes well for you!

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