My Little Girl Knows What She Wants – and it’s Flowers and Cupcakes!

My little girl turned 4 on Saturday!!!

When I asked her what kind of party she wanted she said SWEETS! CAKE! ICE CREAM!

So, we decided to have her party at a local Frozen Yogurt shop, Yogli Mogli. They have a party room, and the froyo is self serve, as is the toppings, so you can get exactly what you want and pay by weight. Brilliant idea, if you ask me.

A few days before her party I asked her how she wanted me to decorate her cake. The original plan was to decorate it with a cupcake theme, but then she said she wanted flowers. Since I have Wilton’s gumpaste flower kit I was stoked! This kit makes the best looking stuff with minimal effort. The kit is for gumpaste, but you can use it for fondant (the only difference between the two, really, is that gumpaste hardens and fondant stays soft).

After decorating the cake, I showed it to my daughter and she loved it, but asked about the number 4 candle we had purchased. I found the bag and inside was a package of pre-made sugar cupcake shapes. I forgot I had bought them to decorate the cake. When she saw them she exclaimed “you forgot to put the cupcakes on the cake!” Now, I had just decorated the cake in a beautiful Spring flower motif and I thought it looked gorgeous. So I try to dissuade her. I asked “Are you sure you want to put the cupcakes on the cake???” I was pleading with my eyes for her to say no. Her response: “Well, I like these, so I want them on my cake.” And then she smiled.

I guess there’s no arguing with that. There was space on the cake to add them, so I did. And, lo and behold, the cake looked even better.



My little girl knows what she wants.

Happy 4th Birthday, Rosalind!

ImageHappy Cake Decorating!


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