A BIG Change in the Making

Well folks,

I’ve been a little quiet around here. But, BOY, have I been busy! šŸ™‚

For those of you who don’t know, on Christmas Day I decided to go ahead with a dream of mine and open up my own custom sewing shop. I had so much positive feedback from the handmade gifts I made for the holidays that people I knew (and some I didn’t) began asking me to make items for them.

Well, I hemmed and hawed for a bit, wondering what I really wanted to do. I know people commonly lament the work that goes into sewing for others and would rather do #selfishsewing, amirite? There are even some out there who actively try to dissuade others from trying to earn a profit from sewing due to there own preferences or bad experiences. But, the fact of the matter is,

I LOVE to sew.

And, it doesn’t have to be for me to be enjoyable. In fact, I have gotten much more joy out of gifting my labors of love than anything I have sewn for myself, to date.

I have been hardcore sewing for myself for quite a while now and I reached the conclusion that I have enough clothes hanging in the closet for now (GASP! I know some of you are appalled by the sheer idea of having enough clothes šŸ˜‰ ). The simple truth is I am a WAHM and do not need a fancy or extensive wardrobe. I tend to wear the same 7 things over and over again anyway šŸ™‚

I also have begun the new year rededicating myself to a healthier eating lifestyle. I have been sliding the past 6 months, as so has my health (and waistline). So I want to take a step back, regain some energy, lose some poundage, and it a bit, start sewing again, hopefully a few sizes smaller.

In the meantime, I have busied myself with sewing for my shop. We all know that Jodi over at Sew Fearless.com’s Pajama Eater pattern is “Da Bomb.” But, non-sewers want them for their family and friends too, so I started my shop making Pajama Eaters.


Then I got a little creative


(Superman PJ Eater photographed before emblem added to the back “cape”)

Then I sized down (half the size, double the cute!)


And, THEN, I sized up!


(18″ X 18″ body instead of the standard 12″ X 12″).

I am having soooo much fun, and people are buying my handmades and loving them! A win-win, right?

I am currently expanding into other areas than stitching up Pajama Eaters, and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know.

For those of you who don’t know, it involves buying massive amount of Lillestoff fabric.

No, … no, selfish reasons for taking the biz in that direction, why do you ask??


And, I owe a COLOSSAL thank you to Amanda over at Kitschycoo. Go buy her patterns. Go buy her fabric. Go bask in her awesomeness!

Happy Sewing!


11 thoughts on “A BIG Change in the Making

  1. Like you I now have enough clothing, but I have found sewing clothing for others quite anxiety-provoking and the monetary rewards are not worth it. Sooo, I have decided to find a charity sewing group and donate my time, maximum enjoyment for both sides (hopefully). ATM in Australia, we have a government that is putting refugee children into detention camps offshore, most people I know are upset and ashamed at the way refugees are being treated, so lots of groups have sprung up as support for these poor people. I am hoping my sewing efforts will bring cheer to the younger refugees šŸ™‚

    • Fabtastic Jenny! Not the refuge camps, but the donation of your time. The impetus of starting my shop actually is a spin off from my charity sewing. My sister is a missionary and she asked me to make Pajama Eaters for the children at an orphanage in Honduras that she will be visiting in the Summer. I happily agreed, as I made skirts for the girls last year and wanted to do something this year for everyone. I even have custom labels that say handmade especially for you in Spanish.

  2. Fantastic! I wish you all the best with your lovely venture, and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours. (I have been reading Amanda’s blog for a long time – in fact, it was one of the first to catch my eye. I love her sense of humour as much as the gorgeous clothes she makes).

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