Planning, Scheming, Sewing………

It’s a new year and a few days and I have already jumped right into my 2014 Goals list I posted a bit back. On that list was to try my hand at something I have been DYING to do forever, which is make something Steampunk, perhaps with a corset (another sewing dream and goal of mine).

I have been holding myself back on this since money is a little tight, sewing budget is a little smaller, and I am trying to be practical about what I sew – more Cake, less Frosting!

But then #ShieldMaidenMarch was born (thank you Twitter, Katie and Lady Katza!!).

Image Now, the prospect of sewing viking, fantasy, and medieval clothes sounds just as practical as sewing a Steampunk corset, but I could not silence the voice in the back of my head saying


I have to admit I really tried to squelch the urge – it’s not practical, it may be expensive, where will I wear it, shouldn’t I be sewing something else???? – but I kept coming back to one thing:

I really, really, REALLY wanted to participate and sew something Shieldmaideny/Steampunky/ with a corset.

And sometimes you just have to be selfish and impractical with your sewing. If not, then it just becomes boring.

And while I was doing some internet searching for Shieldmaiden ideas – no commitment yet, just browsing – I ran across this outfit I and my heart stopped, my breath caught in my throat……

………and the decision was made for me.

ImageThe “costume” is a chemise with a simple kirtle type dress over it, then a corset with shoulders and a high back layered on top.

ImageWhat I think sets this outfit apart from others is the sleeve treatment and the underbust, but high back style corset.

Of course, there are some elements that I don’t like and will change on my version, but most things I will try to keep the same.

I will not add the padded trim to the armholes and bottom of the corset and I think I would prefer a corset lace up the back and have a busk in the front.

I am currently planning on skipping the white chemise underneath so I don’t have too many layers and to cut down on yardage I need to buy. I will add the white to the sleeves and neckline to make it look like there is another layer, or, if I find it necessary to make the whole chemise I will probably make it out of bleached muslin.

Image I will also change the sleeve construction slightly.The design here allows you to take off the green portion of the sleeve via ties, but I find them a little distracting. I will either have them permanently part of the sleeve, or maybe add grommets with leather ties instead to add a little Steampunky vibe here.

I picked up Burda 7468 for the dress portion. I think it will be pretty straightforward in construction, allowing me time to embellish and work on the corset piece.

I have already bothered Leila numerous times already and I am sure I will continue (if she will let me) asking questions about corset construction and gathering materials. Which brings me to the best part of this plan so far: the corset pattern!

ImageClick the corset pattern pic for more information and the etsy shop where I bought it.

Gorgeous? Yes?!

Exactly what I was looking for? Yes!


Way over my head? Hopefully not, but I have a whole new set of skills to learn for this project – WAIT – that was another goal for 2014!! I am on a roll!

Happy Sewing!

PS: Don’t forget about Jungle January, and #SewingARainbow – Blue February!! These are the two Sewcialist Sew Alongs planned before #ShieldmaidenMarch 🙂

Make sure and join in on the fun, you know you want to!


8 thoughts on “Planning, Scheming, Sewing………

  1. I love it when you can find a pattern for EXACTLY what you are wanting to make. So nice when that big part of the work has been done for you! I look forward to seeing you get into some costuming. =)

    • I am so excited!! I made a very pilgrimy inspired dress that I wore to my college graduation. I even had pilgrim shoes I wore with it! I love that I found a perfect pattern for the corset. It is the only element I don’t feel comfortable altering just yet. I am sure I will be asking you many questions as well as I acquire all my new skills

  2. I am very tempted to try this too, but the unwearability of it is scaring me of. My (long-term) goal is to live a more sustainable life, and I don’t hink that sewing Viking clothes fit in that idea…
    I absolutely adore the costume you chose as inspiration and can’t wait to see the end result!

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