Top 5 of 2013: Part III: Hits and Misses

The end of the year is creeping closer and closer, the chaos of the holidays are winding down, the kiddos are sick :-), and I am too.

So, instead of sewing the last day or two and unpicking EVERYTHING, I have been working on my final Top 5 of 2013 post – hits and misses.

ImageFirst, the misses:

1) Colette Meringue Skirt (not blogged) – the zipper insertion was foul, the fabric wrinkles if you look at it, the fabric is also a lint magnet, and since I lost some weight it no longer fits and I just can’t see myself going through the painstaking steps to alter this skirt. I think I wore it once or twice and now it resides at the back of the closet.

Image2) August Sewcial Bee Dress – I had some original issues with the dress, but I thought I had saved it with some embellishments. Turns out the fabric is very thin, and the skirt is too short in the back after hemming. I have worn it only once. I think if I add an underskirt and make it a maxi dress I can save it. It reminds me of the photos you see from the 10s and 20s with the ladies strolling down the boardwalk at Coney Island, so I think a longer skirt will do it justice.


3) Cake Patterns Hummingbird Pink Skirt in Turquoise crepe back satin – this miss was due to fabric choice. I chose the crepe back satin since it was the only fabric at Jo-Anns that was the correct color. Big mistake! It drapes nicely, but the satin puckered badly at most of the seams. I did get the chance to make my own satin piping (yeah, a new skill!), so I don’t see the skirt as a total miss. But with the pulling and with it being a little dressy for every day wear, I have never worn this skirt ๐Ÿ˜ฆ other than to take this photo.

Image4) Cake Patterns Hummingbird Green Peplum Top – I wanted to like this top, I really did. I got it to fit just right, I played around with the peplum proportions to get the most flattering fit, I bought belts to wear with it, but in the end my original thought that I don’t like peplum tops on me won out. Maybe with a thinner fabric I would like it, but I don’t really care enough to try.

Image5) Cake Patterns Red Velvet “Wearable Muslin” (not blogged) – This was my second muslin and I was really hoping to get a wearable dress out of it. I loved the fabric, but I found out after I had already cut out the bodice that I didn’t have enough for the skirt. I didn’t want just a top since I wanted to play around with the pleat variations in the skirt. So, I pieced together the skirt using two fabrics and ended up with a dress that looks like I am wearing an apron, and the back of the skirt is a little off the grain so it doesn’t hang flat, but rumples very unflattering over my derriere.

ImageThe dress isn’t a total miss, though, as it is now the most comfy house dress and it has pockets! I am thinking I may need to make a few more for lounging around the house ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, onto the HITS!

1) Cake Patterns TIRAMISU! This one should be obvious :-). I’ve made 4 for myself and 2 for others – I love this pattern sooooo much.

ImageIf there is a Tiramisu hanging in my closet when I am getting dresses, it is ALWAYS chosen, especially my pinkish/reddish one. Almost a year later and she is still my favorite dress.

Image2) #Sewingdare Dress – I love everything about this dress. The fit, the vintagey vibe fabric and dickey, it’s ALL KNIT, the green color, those adorable buttons and pockets! Every time I wear this dress strangers stop me and ask about it. They rave and voice their jealousy, and then ask if I sew dresses for others ๐Ÿ™‚

Image3) Colette Hawthorn – I cannot make a top 5 list without including my seersucker Hawthorn. This dress was wore TONS in the summer as it was cool and flattering. And, since it made it to the top 20 in the Colette Hawthorn Sew-along contest, and the post I wrote about it is by far my most read one, it probably should be #1 on the list. It also was the inspiration for a dress I made for my niece for Christmas, since she loved this dress so much!

Image4) Amy Butler Sophia Carry All Bag and Matching Wallet – I totally stepped out of my comfort zone with this project as I wanted to try out some new skills and see if I could sew a non-garment.ย  I was also fed up with my handbag and my wallet was falling apart. I included these on the top 5 list, since I use these EVERY DAY! They are so functional and I love my fabric choices. I get tons of compliments on them and this is another item that when people find out I made them want me to make one for them. Not going to, though. I put my sewing machine through HELL making this purse! ๐Ÿ™‚


5) Skirts for the Greenfield Children’s Home in Roatan, Honduras – every now and then a little unselfish sewing is in order. I made 14 skirts in conjunction with Skirting the Issue this year that my sister hand delivered to the girls at the home in Honduras. They loved them and had sooo much fun choosing which skirt was going to be their very own. I know we all much rather selfishly sew items for ourselves, me included, but sometimes, if we are lucky, we find a cause worth putting aside our selfish sewing and we willingly and lovingly sew something for someone else.


All in all, it has been a FANTASTIC year and I can only hope that 2014 will be just as good. But, I have a feeling it will be even BETTER!!

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2013: Part III: Hits and Misses

  1. Your “hits” are amazing hits! Those three dresses make up for any misses you had and then some! (And none of your misses were terrible!) I think the #2 sewing dare dress is my favorite but it is hard to choose because I like all your hits. =)

  2. Congrats on the hits, sorry for the misses… I really love the project you sew for! It looks like a lot of fun to do, and it is so nice to see the happy faces on the girls!

  3. The Tiramisu looks great on you! It’s on my “to sew” list. Maybe I need someone to hold me accountable so I’ll actually make it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was in the Hummingbird sew-along with you and we have kind of similar body types. So I hope the Tiramisu looks half as good on me as it does on you.
    If you want more knit patterns, check out Christine Jonson patterns. They are some of my favorites. I’ve got one on my cutting table right now, just waiting on more fabric for sleeves. I’m not affiliated with her, just like her patterns.

    • Thanks! Just FYI about the Tiramisu: it seems like the front bodice tends to be a little big. For myself and both my sisters when I cut the back bodice the size chart told me, but the front bodice a size down it fit perfectly!

      • Thanks for the info, I’ll keep that in mind when I make mine. Have you tried making it long sleeve?

    • Yes, I have made it long sleeve. Steph has a long sleeve hack on her website, or you can just extend the sleeve length to the length of your arm, making sure that you don’t angle it too much that your wrist won’t fit through – easy hack.

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