The Quest for the Perfect Lip Color (and a Voting Poll!)

Alright all,

when it comes to make up I am inept.


Especially lipstick.

For decades I just didn’t wear it. It is sticky, tastes funny, and always, I thought, looked weird on me. See, I have pretty thin lips that are highly pigmented. Most lipsticks don’t look much different than my natural lip color or they look a little silly (my opinion) on my teeeeeeeeeeeny lips.

As I get older, though, I really would like to achieve that polished look that a good lip product gives, so I bought a whole bunch of samples – 10 to be exact –  from Besame Cosmetics and tried them out. Check out the below photos and tell me whatcha think.


Here’s me with make up on, but no lip color. This is my natural lips. In the below pics I have put this photo side by side with another of me wearing one of Besame’s lip colors. I have included my thoughts on the color as well as the manufacturer’s description.











Here there all again side by side:

ImageSo, what colors should I keep? Which ones should I ditch? Which is your favorite?

Help a girl out!

Please leave me any other comments you may have. If anyone has a brand or color you want to suggest I try I am all ears!



14 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Lip Color (and a Voting Poll!)

  1. You are lucky to have such naturally tinted lips!

    I like the dusty rose the best for everyday wear. But red velvet is a decent red for you! I think you need brighter colors with blue undertones because the warmer orangey colors don’t quite work with your skin tone. Lips are the same as hair color – don’t fight your natural shades (warm or cool) if you don’t want to look completely unnatural.

    I’m the opposite with color – I need the warm undertones (which are usually harder to find). I usually do well with the colors that aren’t selling as fast.

    Finding a good shade of red is usually hard for everyone. Go to a Mac store and ask for some help with choosing a good shade. You will probably learn which types of red to look for in other brands based on what they tell you.

  2. Ditto. Agree with Brooke completely. Your natural lip color is amazing. I would go with shades and tones of your natural color cause why fight nature when nature has got it right? You could just wear a clear gloss and look completely polished. I’ve got the opposite problem. I had good lip color naturally when younger but in recent years it seems to have really faded so now if I have no makeup on I have ‘no face’ syndrome.

  3. I am similar with the colour of my lips and feel the same about lipstick. I think the brighter colours suit your colouring. The bottom 2 are my favourite. I’d go for a clear gloss during the day as “natural” colours always strike as being a bit of a weird thing for those of us with naturally re lips! Bobbi brown’s natural colours are gorgeous tho!

  4. Oh man, I’ve got white-blue lips naturally – I’m jealous of yours! if you ever want to amp up the fullness a bit, i’ve had really good luck with this tutorial from Lisa Eldridge (a British makeup artist who is well known) on how to fill in thin lips in a natural way. I find her videos so mesmerizing! 🙂 I think you’ve got lots of great colours to choose from! I say buy one that’s just a bit up from your normal colour, and one that’s fun for when you feel bold! I like the red velvet on you – plus, bonus Cake tie-in! 😉

  5. I really like the two bottom ones on you 🙂 I also have dark hair and dark eyes and pretty fair skin in the winter like you. I think the reds look very classical/refined on you and go well with your eye colour and eye makeup. A darker pink would probably work well as a neutral day-to-day lipstick. I have quite full lips and try to wear lipstick everyday as I feel more “pulled together”. I was recently reminded that it’s a good idea by an article written by a famous female photographer who was going through photos of herself and finding that the only ones she really liked were the ones in which she wore lipstick 😉 Personally I feel more feminine wearing lipstick and I would recommend lipstick by Clinique – comfortable, nice colours and quite longwearing.

  6. Do you know if you have cool toned coloring or warm toned coloring? Other than the new colors I found Besame to be really good at labeling them. Personally I like the Red Velvet and Dusty Rose on you. I also think the Chocolate Kiss looks a lot nicer on you than on me.

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