I am really going all out this year with sewing Christmas gifts. My last blog post was all about the gifts I made for my extended family. But, I couldn’t very well not sew something for my own kiddos, could I?



Ma Gawd, these things are sooooo stinkin’ cute!

The pattern is from Sewfearless and it is so fun to make!

I went with Robert Kaufman 21 wale corduroy for the body of the PJ Eaters (credit HeatherB for the fabtastic idea) and it really is the very best fabric to use for this project. So soft, durable, easy to sew and comes in sooooo many vibrant colors. I picked mine up at For the feet and the insides I schlepped my kiddos to the local Jo-Anns and had them very mysteriously choose the fabric for the mouth and feet, trying to coordinate with the colors of their room. Boy child chose navy blue for the mouth and then a navy blue flannel with dinosaurs and orange and green dots for the feet. Girl child chose red for the mouth and Hello Kitty flannel for the feet.


Yup, big surprise (sarcasm, y’all, kids are sooooo predictable).

These adorable monsters come together in a jiffy, such a jiffy I had two minutes of spare time in my holiday time crunch schedule and realized I needed PJs to go INSIDE the PJ Eaters



Ta Da!

I whipped these up today in a mad dash while constantly stopping and hiding them whenever my kiddos came into the room, which was every 5 minutes.

I used the Alex & Anna Winter PJs pattern (once again, credit goes to Heather B). This pattern was awesome. So easy, so cute, so many sizes! I made them almost exclusively on my serger.


I picked up a yard of Lillenstof World Of Knights fabric on etsy a while back on impulse, but you can score some of your very own at Kitschycoo’s  store. This line of fabric is the Cadillac of fabrics when it comes to making PJs for kids. It’s a little pricey, but so soft, so plush, and you will not find more adorable fabric so just stop looking.


Is that one for me???????


Believe it or not I found this at my local Jo-Anns. They just stocked a new, albeit veeeeeeery small interlock knit section and this cutie fabric was there, along with the white I used for the cuffs and bindings for both PJs.


Can I’s has that one????


Come on, we’re hungry!!!! Stop teasing!!!!


Happy Sewing and Happy Holidays!



  1. The Crazy-eyes! lol! They are adorable! I love how you got them to pick out fabric without knowing what it was for.

    I may have to make some of these next year when my youngest niece is old enough to really appreciate it (and maybe outgrow some of the mountains of stuffed animals she already HAS to sleep with).

  2. I want to received this as a gift for Christmas! COMPLETELY adorable! Completely! Those pjs are about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And the presentation, inside the companion. Brilliant!

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  4. Somehow I was not following your blog! I’ve corrected that now. These PJ eaters are so cute! I made 4 right before Christmas (as in, 11pm Christmas Eve I was finally finishing them).

    • Turns out I wasn’t following you either (fixed!) With all the social networking with Twitter and Instagram I think we all feel connected already and don’t realize when we aren’t!

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