#Green December Wool Blend Skirt

Bluegingerdoll Peggy Finished Object and Pattern Review

OK, I know that when I bought Bluegingerdoll’s Peggy skirt pattern I was stoked. But, lemme tell you, when I put this thing on,


ImageThis is my #Green December make for the Sewcialist Sewalong. Still plenty of time left in December, y’all, if you wanna sew along 🙂

ImagePeggy is a high waist skirt that has cute little gaping pockets, fun little front pleats, three waitsbands to choose from, and a lapped back zipper with button closure.

I have been wanting to try my hand at a lapped zipper for some time now, and sewing something with button tabs on the waistband and a high waist skirt were already on my sewing list, so this pattern knocks out 3 sewing “to-dos” in one fell swoop!

ImageNot too shabby for my first lapped zipper huh? I used Sunni’s method from her Mastering Zipper Tecniques class on Craftsy.

ImageOK, pattern deets:

  • I chose view A, the straight waistband with the cute button tabs (FYI: you can put the tabs on any of the views).
  • I cut a 16 waist and graded to an 18 hips.
  • I cut size 18 button tabs to give them the most visual impact possible
  • I added 2″ of length to the center back and graded to 0 at the side seams to help cover my ample backside 🙂
  • I used “deep emerald/multi tweed-look boucle wool blend suiting” from Fabricmart (a few yards still available if you want). It is pretty boss fabric. It is soft and drapey, and was a dream to sew. It has some blue and red and yellow threads running through it as well, so you could mix and match a lot of buttons, thread, etc., with it. It did fray a little of the edges, so I serged them before prewashing (delicate/handwash cycle, hung to dry).
  • I lined the skirt with some black ambiance lining I had in the stash (bought locally at Jo-Ann’s) because, you know, wool and all.

ImageI didn’t cut out the lining using the pattern pieces because I was planning on making a half slip with the fabric. I had already sewn it into a big tube ready to gather and attach to elastic when I decided to use it as a lining for this skirt instead. So, I lined up the side seams and then pleated out the extra fabric at the same spot the front and back darts on on the skirt. I then attached the lining in the waistband. It was a short cut, but worked out nicely.

What I love about this pattern:

  • Adorable gaping pockets, so cute!
  • Love the button tabs (I think i may have mentioned that already, yes??)
  • The pleats at the front pocket give just enough oomph to grace over my mummy tummy
  • The directions were pretty easy to follow, but if you have any issues Abby hosted a sewalong on her blog a couple weeks back.
  • I am so in love with the high waisted skirt right now. I have a short torso and it is much smaller higher up, so most skirts I wear ride up to where the Peggy skirt sits naturally. She’s cute there since she is designed to be there. Other skirts, not so much, so there is a lot of tugging them back down to the “proper” waist position.

ImageWhat I DON’T love about this pattern:

  • the pockets are too shallow, at least for me. You see the pic above? That is as far as I can get my hand in those adorable little pockets. No worries, though, because that is a simple fix I will remedy on my next Peggy. Oh yes, there will be others!!! 🙂
  • the directions say to topstitch the waistband, pockets, and button tabs at 1/2″, but that is too wide for me, so I did 1/4″ on the waistband and tabs. I actually did the 1/2″ on the pockets and it looks cute. FYI – so if you want your topstitching closer to the edge you may want to mark your pattern

ImageI didn’t do any hand sewing on my lining, if you were wondering. My hand sewing skills are really terrible, so I try to skip it if I can. To attach the lining I folded under the seam allowance, pinned and pressed how I wanted it, and stitched over the same stitches I used to install the zipper to the wool. It’s not perfect, but it is pretty close and much better looking than I would have done by hand.


If I hemmed per the directions the skirt was going to be a tad shorter than I wanted, so instead of turning under 1/2″ and then 1″ to hem I did 1/4″ and 3/4″.

ImageI also promptly ran out of thread as soon as the hem was finished. No lie, I have about 2 inches of thread left!

All in all, I am quite pleased with this skirt. I will wear her to pieces this winter. I have some khaki poplin in the stash for the next one – perfect for the warmer months.

ImageHappy Sewing!

PS: I apologize for the photos, there are not the best, but whatcha gonna do when it’s winter and raining outside??


15 thoughts on “#Green December Wool Blend Skirt

  1. This is lovely, you did a really great job, I keep seeing this pattern pop up and thought how nice it is, you’ve inspired me to have a go!

  2. This would be a perfect daily-wear garment to add to my closet. I love the version you sewed. It looks LOVELY in the tweed you used. Too bad about the pocket depth, but at least that’s an easy fix! Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Hi there! I love the way wool works but I’m always so apprehensive about sewing with it. You made it seem so easy and I love the Peggy skirt in wool. I read what you said on the bluegingerdoll blog about not being able to easily find Harris tweed and I wondered if you’d seen Scruffy Badger’s post on her gift of HT. Of course, it’s from the UK and the currency conversion is not in our favor, but the variety of tweeds is so much fun to see. Check it out:


    • It was easy! The edges frayed a bit, so I overlocked them all while I worked. I did see Scruffy Badger’s post, swoon! I guess I need to vacay in the Isles and go fabric shopping ,huh?

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