It’s A Christmas Gift Post, Fa La La La Laaaaaaaaaa!

Hey Y’all,

it has been too long since I posted anything, but I have been waiting on notions and taking care of my, I mean the kids’, new baby Bearded Dragon 🙂

But, I want to report that I have finished sewing all of the Christmas gifts for family that do not live in my house (read: still have Pajama Eaters to make for my kiddos).

We don’t give a ton of prezzies in my family since most of us travel pretty far to get together, so we draw names for the kiddos and in between my siblings.  I have two kids, so I provide presents for two kids. This year I have my 7 year old nephew and my 10 year old niece.

B.O.B, as we affectionately refer to my nephew, is crazy into Pokemon right now. After I made the Kitschycoo reversible hoodies for my kiddos I asked my sis if she thought B.O.B. would want one. She originally declined, stating that he was too young to be into clothes and to understand that I had made it especially for him. Then she said, unless you can make it Pokemon.

Can you make it Pokemon?

A quick Etsy search yielded the perfect Pokemon flannel fabric! Here’s my son modeling it, he’s only 5 so it’s a little big on him, but still super cute!

ImageI used the remnants of the brown interlock knit I got from Chez Ami that I used for my son’s hoodie and I got a black reversible zipper from Zipperstop.

Image(hold still…….smile……look at the camera….. oh well)

Here’s the other side. Since the Pokemon fabric is flannel and not as thick as the fleece I used for the others, I was able to put pockets on both sides (lined in flannel as well). I matched up the top of the pockets on this side much better than the other side, but to be fair while installing the zipper I could only see one side, so them’s the brakes. 🙂

I also did some decorative stitching along the top of the pockets, but you can’t see them in the pics. Trust me, they’re there and they’re cute!

ImageThe back of the solid side was a little plain, so I bought an embroidered Pokemon logo patch to jazz it up a bit. There was still a ton of empty space, so I decided to cut out one of each of the characters from the fabric and stitch them together into a bigger patch.


(anyone know the names of these weird looking creatures? All I know is Pikachu)

I had never done anything like this before, so I did what made sense to me. I laid out all of the characters just how I wanted them, then fused them in place onto some interfacing. Then, I used a satin stitch and stitched all around all the edges of each individual piece making it one big patch.


Then, I pinned it on the back and stitched around the perimeter to attach it to the jacket. Maybe there was a better way to do this, but it worked like a charm and I’m happy with the results.

My sister assures me B.O.B. will love it!

The next gift I made was for my niece, A. The last time I was visiting I made my sis (other sis, I have two, just in case you’re confused) a Tiramisu. For her birthday dinner she wore it and I wore my Colette Hawthorn, because, HELLO – Louisiana in September is HOT and the dress is made of seersucker.

My niece spent the evening admiring it and then shyly asked if  I could make her one too. She’s such a sweet girl and never asks for anything, so not only was I super flattered at her request, but I was chomping at the bit to do something special for her. And, it just so happens I had juuuuuust enough fabric left to make a dress for her!


This dress is loosely based on the Hawthorn, but modified for a girl. Based on my niece’s measurements I cut a size 2, took out all of the bodice darts, rounded the neckline, shortened the bodice, and made sure the waist was the right size (almost perpendicular side seams). I skipped the facings, and attached the collar and finished the armholes with bias tape, as written. I cut the bodice on the fold so I made a faux button placket down the center and attached the left over buttons from my dress.


The skirt was a little tricky, since I didn’t have much fabric left. So I cut two rectangles the correct length and as wide as I could and stitched them together to make one big tube. My original plan was to gather it and ease it into the bodice, but then I decided to make several pleats instead.  I think it makes the dress a little more grown up looking and less girly. She is almost a tween (or is she a tween already?? Either way, my sis is having heart failure while reading this).

The last thing I did was add a little strip of the bird fabric around the waist to mimic the belt I made for my dress. All in all, I think it is a great reinvention of the Colette Hawthorn for a younger lady, don’t you?


Here they are side-by-side.

The final Christmas gifts are a great stash busting idea and you can really go wild with the fabric combinations. I made a gaggle of Cake Patterns Red Velvet Mini Clutches (free pattern!!! Go download immediately!!) to give away as I see fit.

I had no specific intentions as to who I was going to give them too, but as I starting matching up fabrics it became pretty clear who I was going to give each clutch to. I’m not gonna say here who they are for, since some receivers as reading this, but lemme just say that I used sooooo many different types of fabric to make these and they all worked out beautifully. Cotton, linen, canvas, corduroy, silk/cotton blend, seersucker, and even suiting material.


For those of you looking closely (now all of you are) you noticed a smiley face over one of the bags. That’s because what is under it will totally give away who it is for, and I am trying to save a little of the surprise for Christmas.


Here’s the insides and all the colored zippers. So much fun!! These little bags are perfect to hold a phone and some lipstick, or keys, or even put a gift card in it to make it a little more special. I even made one for my daughter (perfect 3 year old purse size) and my son (perfect for his glasses).

Happy Sewing!

PS: allllllllmost finished with #greendecember! That’s the next post in the queue.



7 thoughts on “It’s A Christmas Gift Post, Fa La La La Laaaaaaaaaa!

  1. The people on your gift list are getting some amazing Christmas presents this year! (I need to make a few things to give away too – hope I find the time!)

  2. Those are adorable. I hope everything’s worked out for you in making all this stuff.

    I was walking around walmart thanksgiving night and saw a sewing machine for fairly cheap and I almost bought it. But then I realized I didnt have the talent, the money, nor the space to do anything with it. Made me smile to think of your blog and everything you’ve done so far though.

    Good luck with everything and I’ll see you when I see you. Happy holidays to everyone there. Give the kids and Adam hugs for me.

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