Finished Object: Polka Dotty Red Velvet Dress

The Sew Along for Cake Patterns Red Velvet Knit Dress is almost over and I have had a blast participating. I already blogged about my first Red Velvet dress here, and did a pattern review, so I won’t dwell on the pattern and my alterations. This second dress has been brewing in mind for a while. My original intention was to make a Tiramisu out of this fabric, but I decided to go with Red Velvet instead.


Here’s my Polka Dotty Red Velvet!

I did all of the same alterations from version 1. In this dress I chose the scissor pleat skirt option and chose to make the invisible pocket. I’m not sure of its practicality, but it was a fun bit of sewing! I also added the same slant pockets that I did on the first Red Velvet.


I did all of my finishing seams with white topstitching.


Unlike my RV muslin, I managed to get the scissor pleat on my backside to lay flat and not crumple like really bad static cling.


Oh, that’s a nice looking skirt!

I did have to line the bodice as the white polka dot fabric was a little sheer. All of these fabrics are ITY knits purchased from, though none seem to be available anymore.


You can see my pockets nicely in this photo as well. Naturally I used the white polka dot fabric for my invisible pocket. πŸ™‚ I also tacked it down on the bottom to the side pocket so it wouldn’t migrate upwards and form an unappealing lump at my waist.

As for the neckline, since I was lining I skipped the facings. I did staystich and apply stay tape to both layers to provide support, though. I did still manage to stretch the neckline a teeny bit, so it doesn’t lay completely flat. Not that you can tell, since I decided to add a little flounce to the bodice.


I was afraid the white was too white next to my face, and I thought the dress needed a little something special.


My inspiration was the Coffee Date Dress from the Selfish Seamstress. I have been wanted to add this to a dress for quite some time, and it seemed perfect for Red Velvet. I used this tutorial from the Renegade Seamstress for dimensions, etc., but it was so easy you could just wing it if you wanted to.

All in all, I am quite pleased with this dress.


Happy Sewing!

20 thoughts on “Finished Object: Polka Dotty Red Velvet Dress

  1. You’ve smashed that one out of the ball park. Love it. And fabric twins again. I’m pretty sure I’ve got that exact same polka dot fabric from too.

  2. The flounce at the neck is what makes the dress! It is the perfect detail and draws the eye up to your pretty face. And you can never go wrong with classic polka dots – love it!

  3. I love it! It looks like it must be really fun to wear! And it’s going to be awesome with every colour of cardigan ever!

  4. A great dress! And I love those pockets you added! I do like the invisible zip pocket but larger pockets are handy to have! Now you got me thinking! πŸ™‚

    Great bit of flounse from the coffee date dress, we had a swedish sew along on that dress about 2 yrs ago! Altough I was pregnant at that time and just followed what others were doing.

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