My Homeschool Curriculum Choices

There are a ton of homeschool curriculum choices out there and wading through them is somewhat of a nightmare.

Luckily, there are also a lot of resources offering comprehensive reviews to make choosing a little bit easier.

When I decided to homeschool my kiddos I knew I wanted a literature based core that focused on *thinking* and a math program that was intuitive and would involve tactile learning.

After much research I settled on Moving Beyond the Page for Core/Language Arts, Math-U-See for math, and Handwriting Without Tears for handwriting. I also just introduced ARTistic Pursuits for art.

I have been quite pleased with my choices for the better part of a year and my children love “school activity time” and are learning at lightning speed.

Now, The Old Schoolhouse is one of those resources I mentioned that compiles lots of homeschool options and reviews them, and every year they choose what they deem the best curriculum in several categories and award them Blue Ribbons. Needless to say, I am thrilled to say that

1) Moving Beyond the Page won Favorite Language Arts Curriculum

2) Handwriting Without Tears won Favorite Handwriting Curriculum

3) Math-U-See won Favorite Math Curriculum

Now, I am very excited and pleased with my choices! I want to provide the best education for my children and it is nice to get confirmation that I am on the right path.

For more information about the levels we are currently using for each curriculum, click the links below.

CORE/LANGUAGE ARTS (both kiddos)

Moving Beyond the Page  Ages 5-7   Gifted

Moving Beyond the Page Age 5-7


Primer Instruction Manual and DVD

Math-U-See Primer (Kindergarten)

My almost 4 year old daughter is currently on this level. My 5 year old son already completed it.

Alpha Instruction Manual and DVD

Math-U-See Alpha (“Grade 1”)

He’s moved onto the this level.


My First School Book

HWT – Preschool Level – completed by both kiddos

Letters and Numbers for Me

HWT – Kindergarten Level – son has completed, daughter is doing it.

My Printing Book

HWT – 1st Grade Level – son is doing it

I am trying to get around to writing reviews about my personal experiences with these curriculum. If you are interested before I get a chance to post, feel free to e-mail me at theseedsof3 (at) gmail (dot) com.



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