SECRET SEWING REVEAL: Lolita Patterns Gunmetal (and a giveaway!!!)

It’s finally time, y’all! I’ve been waiting for-EVAH to publish this post. My secret sewing revealed at last, Mwaaauuuuuhhhhhh, haaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa!

************* Introducing*************

************* Lolita Patterns *************

************* Gunmetal *************


Oh My!!

I’m wearing ruffles, yes, yes, I am, and loving it!!!


Here’s the back envelope with description, specs, and our beloved technical drawings (courtesy of Lolita Patterns).

This pattern has got it ALL!

It has figure flattering ruching that allows to you play around with sheer fabrics and different fabric combinations (I’m already imagining several more versions)


and sheer sleeves (if you choose) with ruffles around the neckline


with more ruffles on the bodice and your choice of a button front on a lace up front


And, most importantly for me, it is ALL KNIT!!

HELLO COMFORT! (with a ton of style)

When Amity and Leila contacted me about trying out the pattern I looked at the line drawing and my first thought was, ooooh, ruffles, I don’t really “do” ruffles. Or peplums (version B is a peplum top). The I looked again and realized the utter brilliance of being able to layer two fabric together to get all kinds of interesting and exciting looks. I had been eyeing quite a few fabrics that were sheer and didn’t know what to do with them. Well, here is the answer!


Also, look at the drape on that skirt! HEAVEN!

I also saw this as a opportunity to learn how to make ruffles and use my overlocker to play around with some decorative finishes. If you look at the pics you’ll notice I used a 3 thread rolled hem to finish all of the ruffles, as well as the hem and sleeves. I cranked up the differential feed to give the hem and sleeves a more ruffle-ly look to mimic the other ruffle design elements (is the technical term lettuce edge?? I think so).


The skirt is two layers so you can use sheer and super interesting fabrics, but not have to worry about drafting your own lining. The bodice is the same way – entirely lined, so all of the seams are encased giving a nice, professional finish. Now, this DOES mean that on the bodice where the ruching is has three layers of fabric, so keep that in mind when choosing which fabrics you want to use. You don’t want to go too thick. I made up version B as a muslin (more on that in a bit) in a lightweight jersey for all layers and it was fabtastic. You could probably do a medium weight if you went with a sheer overlay, but I wouldn’t go much heavier.


(top of photo is overlay fabric over white fabric; bottom is over black fabric)

If you are curious about the fabrics I used, the overlay is a nylon mesh netting (bought at Fabricmart, but no longer available), and a creamy white stretch pique bamboo knit, which is the softest thing I have ever felt. Seriously, go buy some.

Now, if you are asking yourself, wait a minute, the underlayer on the dress is gray, what up? It’s because I thought that the design on the netting was going to be lost layered over a darker fabric, so I bought the white. But you can see in the above pic it works much better with a darker fabric, so I dyed it gray using Rit dye. I let it sit in the washing machine for a long time to get a good dark color, so it also dyed a little unevenly, but I think it gives it a cool slightly tie-dye effect.


muuuuuuuuch better.

This pattern does have one fatal flaw (for me): NO pockets!

So, I made my own.


I used Casey’s pocket tutorial, if you are interested, but left off the overlay to highlight them as a design feature.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram you know I posted a pic of this fabric with some dynamo green buttons. My original plan was to do the button bodice option, but at the last possible moment I changed my mind. It was too late to go back and add the ribbon and D-rings, as per the pattern, so I improvised and made thread chain loops and anchored them behind the ruffles.


I think this is a great alternative for anyone out there who may be unsure of the metal D-rings, or cannot find them.


I didn’t have any ribbon on hand either (I really should build a better notions stash, shouldn’t I?), so I grabbed some 1/4″ double fold bias tape in black and stitched it closed with some gray thread. I really like the look of the contrast stitching.




As many of you already know from Sugar Plum, Lolita Patterns grades on two different blocks, one for smaller sizes and one for larger sizes. This is pretty genius, in my opinion, but for some, including me, your measurements may span over both blocks. For instance, according to the Lolita Patterns sizing guide I am a size 12 in bust, in between sizes 14 and 16 for waist (there is less ease in Lolita Patterns, so they suggest you size up if in between sizes) and in between sizes 16 and 18 for hips. Normally, I would  just grade between the sizes 12-16-18 and call it a day. But, the two blocks are divided sizes 2-14 and sizes 16-24.

Uh, oh!

Now, before any of you start panicking and decide Lolita Patterns are not right for you, I was able to grade between the two blocks successfully (and easily once I decided what I wanted to do), even though the directions advise you not to. I also has Amity and Leila’s encouragement (thanks ladies!!!).

Here’s a pic of my totally wearable muslin showing off my success (and version B, but modified at the bottom since I don’t *do* peplums)

2013-11-17 14.36.20

I will be writing a separate, detailed blog post about how I did this, along with my pattern tweaks, and what I like and dislike about this pattern, so stay tuned for the follow up post.

Gunmetal is available as of November 18th, so how many of you are gonna rush on over to Lolita Patterns website and snag a copy of Gunmetal?

Not so fast!!


Lolita Patterns has graciously offered me a copy of the pattern to give away to one of my lucky readers!! SO, if you want a chance to get your hot little hands on Gunmetal for FREE!

Leave me a comment below telling me you want to enter and which version you want to sew up and, if you have any, fabric ideas.

You have until Monday, November 25th, at MIDNIGHT EST to enter the giveaway and I will randomly choose a winner (anyone is eligible). I will announce the winner Tuesday, November 26th.


Happy Sewing!


37 thoughts on “SECRET SEWING REVEAL: Lolita Patterns Gunmetal (and a giveaway!!!)

  1. It looks great on you Melanie, another lovely piece of work. Unfortunately I am about 30 years past the days when I could carry this one off!

  2. Please enter me in. This would look great on my daughter and maaaybe me if it were a top. I’m very glad you mentioned sizes can be spanned since I would probably have that issue. Daughter is almost a perfect 14.
    As for fabric.. I have a couple of floral ITYs that are sheer enough that you could see underwear, but this would suit them. I like your ribbon options and if I do the loops I’d use self fabric. It’d be a perfect opportunity to use the mini fasturn I have. Fabric loops don’t clank in the dryer, although I read on the Lolita site they have the option of including the hardware with the pattern. Very nice idea, saves one time hunting them down.
    Looking forward to your alterations post for this pattern.

  3. Turned out really nice on you! I am thinking I would like the top in black because I wear black all the time! Haha… I really love the fabrics you chose for your dress though. And using dye for the lining is right up my alley. ~Laurie

  4. This is fabulous. I’d love the chance to score this pattern. I’d sew up both versions, probably do the top like yours and the dress with the buttons. Would need to find fabric though I’ve got nothing suitable in my stash. I like the small ruffles. I don’t like big ones but these are subtle.

  5. I just saw Seamstress Erin’s version of this dress on her blog. She removed all the ruffles so it’s nice to compare it to your version with ruffles. From the line drawings I was worried that the ruffling on the side panels would really be too much (especially for someone like me, who’s not into ruffles), but I actually quite like that detail on your dress. I’d like to enter the give-away for this pattern.

  6. I love this dress! This is the 3rd post today I’ve seen about it. I believe this style would really be flattering on my figure type and would love to win a copy of it. And, I really like the sheer overlay and sheer ruffles you used. It softens everything. I would, for sure, make the top version but likely lengthen the peplum section to make it more ‘swingy’, more like a mini-dress, long top. And I would DEFINITELY include the faux corset!!! That’s too awesome! The fabric? I have no idea. I”m one of those people that hmmms and haaahhs for weeks over which fabric pairing to use.

  7. Oh, this looks far cuter on you than it does on the pattern envelope! Love your fabric choice. 🙂

    I’d like to go in the draw, please. I’m seeing a few versions of this pop up around the place and now I’m thinking I’d quite like to have a go at making the dress version…. (No idea what in, though – it’ll depend on my mood on the day, haha!)

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  9. I think this is a fun pattern. I don’t do peplums or dresses, but the top looks great. I have lots of love for Ponte knits for a casual look or a stretch satin for date night.

  10. Love your version of the top, without peplum! and love the dress too! Have soo much knit in my stash at the moment this would be a good challenge to make.

  11. Oh my gosh! I love this dress on you. I’m not a pocket girl myself, but I love addition of the pockets and your top – fabulous! I’d love the chance to win. Personally – I’d be strongly in dress territory. Now to research fabrics . . . .


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