The Ever Growing “To-Do” List


I have waaaaaaaaaay too many things in my sewing queue right now. Here’s a run down, kind of in order:

1) Hem #SewRedOctober (DONE!), take pics (DONE!), and blog BEFORE October is over 🙂



2) Finish my Red Velvet muslin (DONE!)- sorry I cannot find original pic, so I linked to Instagram ( I think I am finally happy with the fit and will get a wearable dress out of it, but I need to dye the dress so it doesn’t look like I am wearing an apron. I will make my pattern adjustments, and then I am ready for the sew-along (I’m House Pearl)

New Graphic

3) Continue sneakily working on a secret project (shhhhhhhh…………, but it involves a few new techniques for me)

4) Make two Kitschy Coo Reversible Hoodies, one for each kiddo (I have all of the supplies, now I need the time – DONE!!, Now I need to get some photos (DONE!!) and write a blog.).Image

5) Make my Fall/Winter Colette Hawthorn. I have some lovely herringbone flannel to make the long sleeve version (placket, here I come!!!)


6) Get on my #SewBossy project – my first Deer & Doe pattern, Sureau. It will be a Fall/Winter dress also, sent to me my Sew Bossy Buddy Kirsty from Tea and Rainbows. She chose a lovely chocolate brown cotton for the dress and super cute orange dragonfly buttons (I am kind of a dragonfly nut, and she knows that)


7) Make enough of a lovely Tiramisu for my sister so when I visit at Christmas I can do a fit check. She chose an amazing yellow and cream stripe with silver threads in it.


8) Hopefully finish my chosen #GreenDecember project before the new year. I have chosen Bluegingerdoll’s Peggy skirt and some lovely dark green boucle-like wool blend. I really wanted a Harris Tweed, but the fabric I wanted is sold out currently, so  I went with this fabric. I am kind of glad, too, since this fabric has a lovely drape and is very soft.


Oh, and I need to sew a slip or two to wear under some skirts and dresses and a second pair of Espresso leggings.

Happy Sewing!


9 thoughts on “The Ever Growing “To-Do” List

  1. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, I want my Cake patterns… Did your’s get shipped out last Tuesday??? I got an etsy email saying mine did but they haven’t got here yet….

    Now that I’ve got that whine over with, Looks like you have a fabulous sewing list. We’re not even going to talk about mine…

  2. Yay! The Red October dress is done! Congratulations!

    I think your sewing queue looks a lot like mine: long! I do love what you’ve got in your queue. I’m especially looking forward to seeing your Sureau and the reversible hoodies. (Man, these days, I feel like I’m just copying everything you make! Or at least, wanting to… 🙂 ) Anywho, I better get pack to my sewing projects: a bunch of unselfish sewing with deadlines (Halloween and baby shower). But then I get to do some sewing for me!

      • Will definitely be in the sew along!! I’m in Esme house. And I just snuck in a little selfish sewing time this morning. 🙂 I basted together the RV bodice and midriff to check fit. I really like it so far! 🙂 (Still waiting for my copycat pattern to arrive. Probably a good thing it’s not here yet, since there are so many other projects to get to.)

  3. yaay for red october! i am combining mine with red velvet. i need to transfer adjustments to pattern (and i may actually take the waist in another inch each side after wearing it for a day). but will be ready for sewalong!

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