A New Bag Needs a Matching Wallet

A little while back I wrote a post on my Amy Butler Sophia Carry All Bag. I have been using this bag every day since I finished it and lemme tell you


It is everything I imagined it would be. All the pockets are perfect, the organization is awesome and everything is exactly where I want it. The only thing that was missing was a matching wallet.


Ta da!


Aw, yeah!

The pattern I used was “wallet #2” from the Greenbacks Trio by Sew Sweetness.

The pattern come with three wallet versions, but the one I chose also doubles as a wristlet. I like this idea since I use the Sophia Carry All as my everyday purse, but it is a little big. I carry a bigger purse because I have two small kiddos and need to carry snacks, etc., with me at all times. But, if it’s a date night, or I am going somewhere without the kiddos I don’t need that big ole bag. I have a much smaller purse that I have been using for these occasions, but then I have to transfer the essential to the smaller bag and then remember to transfer them back. One time I forgot and was driving around all day without my license, OOPS!


This wallet lets me carry everything I need, including an outside pocket perfect for my phone.


I did add the pen holder in the middle and a zippered side compartment for change.


The instructions also call for one clasp and one D-ring, but I already had two clasps so I used them instead. This way I can attached the wrist strap to the wallet and transform it into a wristlet, or I can skip the strap and clip my keys directly to the wallet and carry it as a clutch. BTW: I can tuck the keys inside the wallet when I do this. I can also trade out the pen for my lipstick.

The one mistake I made it I divided all the pockets on both sides into thirds. I was thinking I have tons of cards, etc., that kept falling out of my old wallet, so I wanted to maximize the card holding capacity. But, I forgot about wanting a larger pocket for money and receipts, etc. Right now I have them tucked into extra card pockets. It’s not ideal, but I am not ripping out those stitches!

Here’s another great feature:


It fits perfectly in the wallet pocket I made in the Sophia bag!

Ah, lovely, lovely, organization!

If I were to make the wallet again, I would keep the outermost pockets as one big pocket instead of dividing them into thirds. This would give me the larger pockets I wanted/needed. But it also helps a bit with utilizing space in the wallet. If you’ll notice, the wallet has curves sides so the end pockets don’t actually fit a card all the way. You can put one in there, but it sticks out too far on the top and blocks the pocket behind it, especially on the side where I added the zippered pocket.


Another alternative would be to make the wallet square, but I kind of like the rounded look, don’t you?

I may, after all, unpick the stitches to make the larger pockets. I just have to muster up the energy to do it. In the end, I think this change would make the wallet into something I like a lot into something I absolutely adore. It’s probably worth the effort.

I really liked the pattern. It was simple and the instructions were clear. It came together quite quickly and there are lots of opportunities for personalization.

Happy Sewing!


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