Every Woman Needs a Piece of Tiramisu

Confession time: I am a huge fan of Cake Patterns!

New information, right? Haha!!

While I am anxiously awaiting the release of Red Velvet


(end of this month, baby!!!!)

I wanted to sew something for my big sister. Remember the sister who hand delivered the skirts I made for Skirting the Issue to the orphanage in Honduras?

She’s been eyeing my Tiramisus and saying she really likes them.


Well, I offered to make her one multiple times and she declined multiple times. I finally asked her why she was declining and when I told her I wouldn’t offer again she confessed that she didn’t want me to go through any trouble for her, but really wanted the dress. My response:

Let’s go pick out some fabric!

She really wanted a striped Tiramisu, so she chose a lovely 1 inch orangey red and oatmeal striped fabric from Girl Charlee. It’s not on the website anymore, but it is super soft!

We got the fabric sent to my house and I started working on it as soon as she returned from Honduras. I got to the fit check step in the pattern and was heading to the post office to mail it to her. The plan was for her to try it on, take some pics, send it back to me, and then I could tweak the bodice fit and finish the dress.

Before I could get to the post office I received news that my Aunt had passed away. While contemplating whether or not I wanted to schlep my two kids 10 hours (one way) in the car by myself for the funeral I realized I could stay in town for a few extra days, visit my sisters and Dad, and be there for my sister’s birthday (something that hasn’t happened for at least 15 years). For her birthday, I could finish the dress at her house and she could wear it to her birthday dinner celebration!

Here she is with my niece at her birthday dinner:


Aren’t they both gorgeous!!

Check out that “no gape” bodice!! πŸ™‚

The next day I donned my striped Tiramisu and we had a photo shoot:


I lengthened the skirt and the sleeves, as per her request, and I think it looks amazing!

The best thing about this dress is it is flattering on everyone I have ever seen wearing one. I’m 5′ 1″ and my sister is 5′ 8″ (I think). We both are short in the torso areas, but many of our other dimensions are quite different, but this dress looks absolutely fabulous on both of us. As soon as I attached the skirt and had her try it on for one last fit check, she sashayed down the hall, doing a few twirls with a humongous grin on her face.

She felt the magic of the dress.


Check out those back chevrons!!

My brother-in-law even commented that he liked how the striped matched up “like that.” Now that’s a compliment!!

My niece, who was playing photographer, then tells us to make a funny face:


and then laughs hysterically when we make the same face! Ah, well, we ARE sisters, you know!

After the photo shoot we went over to my dad’s house and met up with my other sister. She took one look at us and asked if we were wearing the same dress. We laughed and told her I had made them both and about the photo shoot. I could see her looking at the dresses. I could hear her coveting them, so I turned to her and asked when I was making one for her.

An hour later, she decided on this lovely fabric from Mood


(it has silver metallic threads in it, soooooooo awesome!)

and we have plans to all wear them the next time we are together and have another photo shoot.

14 thoughts on “Every Woman Needs a Piece of Tiramisu

  1. Mel, I enjoyed your post on this. When I saw the pic of the funny faces, I laughed and went “oh I see the resemblance now…” I never realized how much you two look alike. I guess the last time I saw your sisters was your wedding. I’ll be showing this to mom. She enjoys reading your stuff but doesn’t actually know how to get to where she can read them.

  2. Heheheh! I love the ‘mini me’ chevron photos. In the face you are so alike,, but in height! Beautiful dresses and it will be lovely to see the threesome shot when you can meet up with your other sister in her Tira too.
    I’m just dying for that red velvet pattern launch to happen, aren’t you?

  3. I think you girls are just awesome, what sweet faces, I love y’all so much, I can tell you must have lots of fun. I can just see the glow in your smiles.

  4. Love the dress on both of you! You did a wonderful job of stripe matching! I laughed at the funny faces too – hilarious that you made the same expression!

    Can’t wait to see dress number 3 and a photo of the 3 of you wearing them. =)

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