Totally Slacking

Wow! I haven’t written a post in a while. To be fair, I did leave the state for most of a week to attend a funeral, so hopefully you’ll cut me some slack.

In an attempt to have some accountability  I am sharing with you what me next few blog posts will be about. If I say I’m a’gonna write it, then I’m a’gonna write it 🙂

Here goes:

1) The Tiramisu I made for my sister (done! click here)

Tiramisu Knit Dress from Cake Patterns- Multi-Size 30"-50" high bust, 25"-50" waist Second Edition

2) Fall for Cotton Vintage Sewing Challenge (done! Blogged here)


3) Left to Write Book Club Review of “Mother, Mother” – due by 9/17 (posted here)

4) #Sew Bossy swap

OK! It’s out there so I better get busy!

Happy Sewing!


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