Fall For Cotton Vintage Sew-Along Mood Boards

OK folks,

I am being super wishy-washy about choosing fabric for this challenge. I want something mostly era appropriate, but something that doesn’t feel “too costumey.” I want to want to wear it regularly once it is made if I am going through the process of grading up a vintage pattern and sewing in cotton that will have to be ironed regularly.

I already blogged on my pattern choice, but here’s a reminder.


It’s Simplicity 2446 from 1958. Here’s the description:

Jumper-dress features sleeveless bodice with bateau from neckline which dips into a V-shape in back; full circular skirt. V. 1 jacket features 3/4 set-in sleeves with turn-back cuffs.”

I know most of you who commented really liked my idea of the indigo polka dot with the birds for the jacket lining, but I realized I just made a blue dress with bird accents (blogged here) and I have some navy and white coordinating fabric for a project already in the sewing queue.


So, I nixed that idea.

So, now I need some help deciding on a few new ideas. It turns out husbands are really not the people to ask about fabric choices. Mine shrugs his shoulders and says “hmmm” a lot. But, at least he listens, right?

Here’s some inspiration shots, followed by some mood boards.


From the Spring/Summer Sears 1958 Catalog (click for source)

I really like the graphic floral skirt with the coordinating solid bodice, so I found this fabric, but would need to locate a coordinating fabric for the bodice (probably white or cream) and decide what to make the jacket with and the jacket lining. Thoughts?


Here’s another page form the same 1958 Spring/Summer Sears catalog (same source as above).


I love the look of the top left dress and the fabric from the bottom right, so I put together some ideas based on it.


This one uses the same indigo polka dot and coordinating solid as before, but I added the white floral instead of the bird fabric. Maybe make the  dress and jacket cuff and collar out of the floral and the rest in the solid? Maybe line the jacket with the polka dot, or just skip the dots?

Here’s another variation with a modern flair:

ImageMake the dress, collar cuffs and collar in the polka dots, the jacket in the solid, and line it with the pink modern fabric to update the style a little.

So, whaddya think?



7 thoughts on “Fall For Cotton Vintage Sew-Along Mood Boards

  1. Ha… I just voted and you are running a 3 way tie so far! I think they would all make a wonderful dress. Can’t wait to see which one wins and what you decide to go with. ~Laurie

  2. I like all of them but my vote is for the grey & pink. I love grey with a color! And since you seem to gravitate toward the blues and greens with your other makes, the grey & pink is a nice surprise. My goal when making or buying a new outfit is to put a different color in my closet so I have more variety.

    Can’t wait to see your outfit! =)

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