It’s a Construction Themed Cake

One of my friend’s sons is turning three today, but his birthday party was over the weekend.  I seem to be making cakes for many of my friend’s and their children’s birthdays, which fills me with pride and joy. So when she asked me if  I would make the cake for her I, or course, said yes! It was a joint birthday party for her son and another neighbor boy and the theme was construction. Other than having the invitation and specifying the cake needed to be vegan, I was given carte blanche do  whatever I wanted.

AHHHHHH, Artistic Freedom!!!

So, here’s the cake:


Super cute, if I do say so mahself! 🙂

The cake is vegan vanilla with a “buttercream” crumb layer and fondant decorations. The fondant was all dyed by me to match the invitation using Wilton gel icing coloring.

Here’s a pic with the invitation, so you can see my inspiration:


The letters are fondant cutters I have and I have a nifty clay extruder that  I used to make the yellow borders and the swirlies on the cake.

Here’s a close up of the cake topper:


The bulldozer and dump truck were made by me in fondant using the invitation as a template. Then, I added some finishing touches and textures.

The pile of dirt the trucks are on was my son’s idea. He said the if the trucks were at a real construction site they would be on dirt. He just turned 5, so I figure he’s the expert on the subject and I would defer to him. He was right. It added quite a bit to the cake and made the trucks look like they were doing something. It also have the moms a place to put the candles for the birthday boys.

The party was a success and both birthday boys seemed to like the cake. I’ll write that down as a cake success too.

Happy Cake Decorating!


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