Fall For Cotton Sewing Challenge Ideas

If you haven’t already read about Rochelle and Tasha’s new Fall for Cotton Sewing Challenge, please hop on over to Lucky Lucille or By Gum by Golly immediately to get all the deets.


It is all about sewing a vintage or vintage inspired garment from cotton – 100% cotton – fabric. It sounds like a lot of fun to me, so I have decided to play along.

Basically, you choose a vintage decade (1920s through 1970s) you want to channel, then either a vintage pattern or a vintage inspired one and get sewing with cotton!

I have been wanting to try my hand at a real vintage pattern for some time, and I really wanted to make something from the 50s, so when I saw this pattern on Vintage Martini,  I scooped it up!


Isn’t it adorable?

Now it’s a few sizes too big, so I am trying for the first time to grade up a pattern as well as sewing with a vintage pattern. I think I will try Brooke’s method of pattern sizing grading she posted about here.  She thinks it will work, so I will give it a go.

So, I have the side bar badge (did you see it?), the decade chosen (1950s), the pattern chosen (Vintage Simplicity 2446, printed in 1958), now all I need is fabric.

Here are some ideas I am pondering. Tell me what you think.

Option #1:


Soul Garden Ditsy Floral Navy, from Fabric.com

I thought I could make the jacket in a coordinating solid navy and then line it with the coordinating stripe fabric that goes with the ditsy floral.


Soul Garden Stripe Multi, from Fabric.com



Polka Dot in Indigo, from hawthornethreads.com


with the coordinating solid to make the jacket.

And then, for a touch of whimsy, one of the following for the inside of the jacket (not necessarily era appropriate, but we get to bend the rules a little, right?)


Click here for source.


Click here for source.

Option #3 (or is it??)


Floral Brushstroke Cotton Stretch Sateen I picked up from Gertie’s shop.

Now there are a few reasons why I put a question mark on this option. The first being I thought I couldn’t use this fabric because it was a stretch fabric, so it must not be all cotton. But it is cotton sateen, which is one of the suggested fabrics Rochelle mentions we can use. So, are there sateens and stretch sateens? I don’t know.

Also, I know from #fabricchat last Friday that stretch woven fabrics, such as this one, are better suited for more tailored garments, and many fellow chatters suggested I use this fabric to make a sheath dress, pencil skirt, or cropped pants with a coordinating jacket. Well, this pattern has a jacket I could use a coordinating fabric with, and I am not really into sheath dresses, pencil skirts, or cropped pants. But I don’t want to “waste” the stretch in the fabric ifI can use it for something better later. Thoughts, anyone?

Option #4:

Something else?

Anyone have any other really good ideas? I am open to suggestions since I am in new territory here with a vintage pattern and trying to stay true to the era. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please leave me a comment so I have something to do instead of laundry. 😉

Happy Sewing?


11 thoughts on “Fall For Cotton Sewing Challenge Ideas

  1. Are those first two fabrics knits? Or am I reading it wrong on Fabric.com’s website? I LOVE the polka dots and the birds – I’d go for either of those two, personally.

    I’m on the fence about the sewalong – I think it will be fun, and god knows I have enough vintage patterns I haven’t even touched, but I wonder if I’d wear it again after the challenge…

  2. Love the pattern! I really like the stripes, polka dot, and birds. I wouldn’t use a stretch cotton for such a full skirt.

    Also found these two fabrics if you want to go the novelty print route: retro thread spools and floral buttons.

    Can’t wait to see how the pattern enlarging goes for you! (You will need to trim the seam allowance down to a normal size after you enlarge – the actual stitch line will be correct.) Let me know if you have any questions. =)

  3. Those all look like great choices. I am partial to polka dots, and was telling my middle daughter yesterday I wanted to make her a polka dot vintage dress… and here I am hearing about this fabulous new challenge! I just received 8 new vintage patterns from Vintage Martini today so I am thinking I will be joining in on this one! ~Laurie

  4. I would definitely go for Option 2, To my mind, those fabrics look authenically vintage and therefore perfect for your project.
    the pattern is beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished items.

  5. I vote for the polka dotes with the birds as the lining! What a fun sewing challenge. I’ve got a couple of vintage patterns I’d love to make up, but I really need to make clothes for my regular wardrobe first. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how your dress turns out.

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