Two New Opportunities

Things are really picking up here over at my new little blog. I am having so much fun meeting new people and trying out new adventures. Two really awesome opportunities arose yesterday and I am so excited to share them with you.

Leila over at Three Dresses Project recently posted about the Sew Bossy Initiative.


I had read about this a while ago at Lucky Lucille and was very intrigued, but, alas, was not yet a blogger. I had forgotten about it until Leila’s recent post, which compelled me to reach out via twitter to ask it anyone wanted to team up with me.

Within what seemed like a few minutes I got a reply from Kirsty at Tea and Rainbows. Talk about make my day! 🙂 I had recently “met” Kirsty through #fabricchat (hosted by Leila on Fridays, 4-5 pm ET/9 pm BST, also archived here). We had bonded over our love for the Bonny Knit Sailor Top from Cake Patterns and I had admired her fantastic red hair (truly gorgeous, y’all!) We agreed to team up and are now hashing out the logistics of the initiative. We are both really excited about this collaboration and the more we talk the more we realize we have in common!

So, stay tuned for more blog posts about this really incredible collaboration.

(PS: if anyone else is interested in collaborating in a Sew Bossy project with me after I finish this one, let me know. I feel like this will be so much fun that I will want to do it again and again!)

The second opportunity was also another blog based collaboration that I pined to be part of before I was a blogger. A friend of mine from college (wow, that was FOREVER ago) has two very successful blogs, I’m Not the Nanny and From Left to Write that I have been following since their inception. I’m Not the Nanny is based mostly about “raising biracial kids in a race conscious world,” as my friend is Vietnamese-American and her hubby (also a college friend of mine) is African-American and she is constantly being mistaken for the nanny of her kiddos. If you haven’t checked out this blog, you should. It’s poignant, topical, and, most importantly, is helping raise awareness about the changing face of modern society and the nuclear family.

The second blog, From Left to Write is an extremely clever spin on book clubs. The official description on the blog states “From Left to Write takes the book club online where our bloggers/members create a virtual discussion of a book and how it relates to their lives and in turn, everyone’s lives.” Its a monthly online book club comprised of bloggers, but instead of writing traditional reviews about the books, they use the books as inspiration for blog posts that are about their experiences.

Pretty cool, huh?

I always thought this was the niftiest of ideas, so when I saw the most recent From Left to Write post it reminded me that I was a blogger now and I could submit an application to join the club.

Well, I got an e-mail this morning that my application was accepted and I am now the newest member of the From Left to Write Book Club!


You also see the badge to the left as well.

I am so excited about this collaboration! I am an avid reader who has been searching for a book club to join, but as a mommy of two small children I can’t really commit fully to weekly or monthly meetings outside of the home. You never know what other obligations will take precedence. Since this book club is based online I can easily fit it into my schedule, read some great books, and interact with other avid readers and bloggers.

WOW! Talk about exciting!

Hopefully this will also produce some really interesting blog posts as well. Be on the look out for posts inspired by the From Left to Write book selections!

Happy Sewing and Happy Reading!


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