The Garden in Early July, Part I

After weeks of constant rain the sun FINALLY peeked out from behind the clouds and allowed me a brief period of time to run out in the garden and give it a good survey. Most things are looking pretty good, but there are a few issues. Let’s take a stroll:

The lime tree I bought last year has a few very small limes on it. Hopefully they will continue to get bigger and ripen.


The basil has been doing quite well in the self watering planter on the deck. Last year on a whim I planted some in the pots and were surprised at how well they thrived. I have been harvesting basil weekly for about a month now and freezing it. At the end of the season I will make pesto. Some of it will be used fresh for my favorite summer supper: brushetta! But, I’ll have to wait for the heirloom tomatoes to ripen.


Speaking (writing?) of tomatoes, the cherry variety has been producing a handful of ripe fruit for a week or so, but the heirlooms are still a few weeks out. The plants are over 6 feet tall, though, and the fruit is growing nicely. It won’t be long now.



The sweet bells and jalapenos are already producing ripe fruits. Some will be eaten fresh, some will be chopped and frozen to use throughout the year, and some of the jalapenos will be pickled.



The cucumbers are out of control! They love all of the rain. I harvested so many I couldn’t carry them all at one time. And, one of the is about the same size as my gardening clog. I gave quite a few of these away already. I am guessing the plants will start declining pretty soon.



These cucumbers are an heirloom variety called White Wonder we have grown for several years. I love them! They are tasty and thin skinned (read: no peeling), but they do NOT make good pickles. I tried to can some last year and ended up with mush, yuck!

The soybeans are not doing as well as they did last year since the bunnies have found then and have non-nommed them down to stalks.


Last year I grew them in a raised bed attached to the deck right next to the house and the bunnies come to munch from the woods behind the house. They did OK there, but there is not as much sun in that bed. So, I moved them to the garden proper and put chicken wire  around them when they were small. Once they were much bigger I mistakenly thought that they were too big for the bunnies to bother with them, but BOY was I WRONG!


Next year I will keep them in the chicken wire, even though it is ugly. I was so looking forward to a side of edamame with my brushetta 🙂

The blueberries and blackberries are producing some ripe fruit, but most of them haven’t made it inside the house. A ripe blueberry straight off the bush still warm from the sun tastes like heaven.



I’ll continue the stroll through the garden in the next post. I don’t want WordPress to eat this post and have to start all over 🙂

Happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “The Garden in Early July, Part I

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  2. What a splendid garden you have! To be able to grow your own food is a wonderful thing, and a valuable lesson for your little ones.
    Here, we try our best, but we don’t have enough consistent sunshine to ripen things, so we have limited success.
    I’m off to Google Tomatillo now, we don’t have those here!

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